Different Types Of Secretary Degrees

To qualify to be a secretary, there are several different types of secretary degrees you might consider getting. The type of degree you get might depend upon the level at which you wish to enter the workplace, the size of organization you want to work for, and your long-term career ambitions. Secretary degrees range from the very basic, preparing you for entry-level positions, to the higher-educational, qualifying you for top-level jobs. Below is a list of the different types of secretary degrees , and what is involved in completing each of them.

Basic diploma
Even though you can technically, get a secretarial job with just a high school diploma or GED, most employers will expect some level of additional training. A great many community colleges and professional schools offer secretary degrees at the basic diploma level. These courses can range from a few days to a few months, depending upon the number of skills taught and the complexity of the degrees classes offered. At minimum, secretary degrees should ensure that graduates are proficient at typing and the basic office software like Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook. A diploma is a great way to get an entry-level position, with the possibility to increase your education if you wish to advance.

Associate’s degree
The associate’s degree is probably the most common of the secretary degrees. It is usually a two-year course that makes sure graduates are proficient in a variety of secretarial skills. Coursework will include the basics, and a number of other classes in things like sales, business law, payroll accounting and human resources management. They will also complete general education requirements like English, math, and social sciences to help provide a broader perspective. Associate’s secretary degrees are meant to equip graduates to be in supervisory and management positions, if their experience merits it.

Bachelor’s degree
Although less common, the bachelor’s degree is required by some businesses. If you want to get your secretary degrees in order to work at a large corporation at the highest level, it’s quite possible your employer will expect you to have a degree in a field like finance, human resource management, or business operations. If, for example, you are going to support the Corporate Finance Officer, it would be very useful to have a degree in finance, so you can help with very detailed and specialized tasks. Secretary degrees at the bachelor’s level can include coursework in leadership, team processes, information systems, and management.

The secretary degrees you choose to pursue will partly depend on what your own career ambitions and opportunities are. If you wish to work part-time at a small local firm, it’s likely that a diploma will be sufficient. If you’re interested in management-level jobs, at minimum, the secretary degrees you pursue should be associate’s degrees. A bachelor’s degree is only necessary if your goal is to work for executives at very large companies. Either way, secretary degrees can help you get a position that suits you, your personality and your skill-set, and make you an asset to any employer.

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To qualify to be a secretary, there are several different types of secretary degrees you might consider getting.

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